BERLIN Rounded Brushed Center Groove Tungsten Wedding Band

  • Rounded edges make this BERLIN Rounded Brushed Center Groove Tungsten Carbide band comfortable to wear. The brushed metal edges and polished center give the ring a rugged feel to it. For the man that is a bit less traditional and rough around the edges, this is the right wedding band option.

    Product Specifications

    • Type of Metal: Tungsten (view metals comparison chart)
    • Width: 6mm, 8mm
    • Thickness: 1.8mm to 2.3mm (varies by ring size)
    • Weight: 4-15g (varies by rings size)
    • Type of fit: Comfort
    • Turnaround time: 2 business days
    • Shipping: Free 2-day shipping
    • Returns/Exhanges: 30 days
    • Warranty: Lifetime

    Engraving Font Options

  • Alternative metal rings are made with “Comfort Fit” sizing and strongly recommended for men. The advantage of Comfort Fit is that the inside of the ring is rounded and slides over the knuckle easier resulting in greater comfort. In contrast, standard fit rings are flat on the inside of the ring. Because of this difference, Comfort Fit rings tend to fit looser than standard fit rings of the same size.

    As a general rule of thumb, when purchasing a comfort fit ring, you should choose a size that is about a half size smaller than your standard fit ring size. Determine your Comfort Size by first determining your Standard Size at a local jeweler, and then order a half size smaller. In case of an incorrect fit, we have a 30 day return/exchange policy as well as a lifetime resizing policy for all Thorsten Rings.

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